Many assume that that the IML process is an in-flexible one; that once the design of a product is agreed it cannot be changed or developed. In fact with the correct application of the available technology it is possible to design and manufacture production equipment which allows enormous flexibility in the decoration of a product.

At Spies we are committed to offering our customers the right choices: unparalleled decoration quality with the widest possible range of colour or label design options. Using the variety available it is possible to create unique and individual products even when selecting from our ‘standard’ range.

Choose from different label shapes on a container or lid; select the film-type to provide your preferred surface texture, decide on print and varnish options to give a matt or high-gloss appearance and enjoy the success of enhancing your brands with a choice of interesting and exciting colours.

These choices can be used to make your brands stand out; to accentuate their premium appeal, or to support promotional activity. They can be used also to match the branding of individual retail chains, or to create a family of products... ...the reasons may be different, but the solution is easy with Spies...

To give you an idea of the wide range of decoration and colour options available we have provided a small selection from the Spies standard range for you to create your own virtual design.  By selecting from the various colours and label shapes we hope that you will get a taste for the possibilities of enhancing your brand with the Spies range of packaging.

Individualize your choice of standard packaging – your design for your cost-effective marketing.

 - Spies Kunststoffe